Whitefish Winter Carnival Grand Parade

Quick F.A.Q.

Entry Fees: Non-commercial  (private and non-profit) $25.00  Commercial business entries  $50.00  Entry fees will be collected on parade day in exchange for your place in the lineup. Please make checks payable to Whitefish Winter Carnival.

Check in at the Front Lobby of Muldown Elementary beginning at 12:00

Check in at the Front Lobby of Muldown Elementary


Entries must be lined up and complete with personnel no later than 1:00 to be considered in judging. Judging shall commence at 1:00 and the Parade shall begin promptly at 3:00.

Our Parade Judges are volunteers and use their experience and personal judgments in their decisions, which incidentally are final. Categories for Judging include:

King Ullr’s Award:  Best themed float overall
Queen of the Snow’s Award:  Best themed entry overall (non-float)
Prince Frey’s Award:  Best themed entry by children non-school or day care
Princess Freya’s Award:  Best themed entry by children school or day care
Royal Jester’s Award:  Best themed comical entry
Whitefish Chamber of Commerce Traveling Trophy:  Best entry by a Whitefish business or commercial organization
Royal Equestrian Group Award:  Best group horse entry Royal Equestrian Award:  Best individual horse entry
Royal 4 H Award:  Best animal or group individual
Royal Band Award:  Best musical group
Royal Horseless Carriage Awards:  Best themed antique, classic and street rod cars