Parade Time and Date: 3 PM, Saturday, February 8, 2020
Parade Theme: The Roaring 2020’s



All registrations AND payments will be taken ONLINE ONLY this year.
After completing your registration you will receive confirmation at the email you provide.

By January 15th: $50 and Non-Profit $25
After January 15th: $60 and Non-Profit $35

There are 3 simple steps to the successful completion of your Parade Application. Each one must be completed in full for your entry to be successfully added to the lineup.



Please read the rules completely

You must review and accept the 2020 Parade Rules & Regulations



Tell Us About Your Entry

Have your entry details ready, things like entry height, length, description and participant details.



Quick & Secure

This year registration is ALL ONLINE. Use our secure payment system to complete your application process.


1. Entry Dates and fees: a. By January 15th: $50 and Non-Profit $25 b. After January 15th: $60 and Non-Profit $35 THERE WILL BE NO ENTRIES ACCEPTED AFTER JANUARY 31 ST.
2. In accordance with Parade rules, all floats and vehicles must be decorated with the Whitefish Winter Carnival theme.
3. The Parade Committee reserves the right to bar from the Parade, AT ANY TIME, any entry not conforming to the rules and regulations, or refusing to follow instructions of police or Parade officials. The Parade Committee also reserves the right of final decision on entries accepted for the Parade.
4. Entries must avoid matter which discriminates against, is offensive to or disparages any person or group on the basis of race, gender, national origin, disability, political viewpoint, age, religion, sexual orientation or personal characteristics. Entries should limit their displays to positive identification of their group and support for Whitefish. a. Entries related to Whitefish Winter Carnival Royalty, bands, youth organizations, school groups and entries with people with disabilities or senior citizens typically are placed in the first half of the Parade. All other entries are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis according to when payment is received. b. A number of entries may feature music, and it is possible that several will be next to each other. Please plan accordingly. c. The Parade Committee reserves the right to space all Parade entries according to its discretion.
5. During the Parade no alcoholic beverages allowed.
6. Very important reminder: Throwing candy from floats if prohibited. Only a Parade participant on foot may hand candy or other items to Parade spectators. To keep youngsters from surging into the street to retrieve candy, distributors must walk at curbside to hand out candy. Please respect our concern for children's safety. Entries that disregard this Parade regulation may be considered for exclusion from future Winter Carnival Parades!
7. All individuals and motorized vehicles must have their own liability insurance to relieve the Whitefish Winter Carnival, the city of Whitefish, and any members of the Parade Committee/staff from liability. Drivers are responsible for people on/around their entry. All riders must remain on the vehicle unless it is at a complete stop.
8. All vehicle drivers must hold a legal driver's license and have unobstructed visibility.
9. Parade number and organization name: You are responsible for providing your own official Parade lineup position number on one 8x11 (minimum) card. This must be prominently displayed on the front of your entry. It may be part of a banner that is carried in front of your entry or on your vehicle or float.

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